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1. What is the difference between a Tiny Home and an ADU?

Tiny Homes are built as the primary home on a lot. They can be built on wheels or a foundation. An ADU is sometimes referred to as an ARU (additional residential unit), or Coach House. These are in addition to the primary residence and are often used as rental units or for family. They are never mobile and must be smaller than the primary residence.

2. What are the benefits of owning an ADU or Compact Home?

Having an accessory dwelling on your existing property can provide additional living space for a growing or extended family. ADU’s can also be rented, proving additional income while maintain privacy between the primary residence and tenant.. ADU’s are a smart way to address the ever growing housing shortage. The benefits to both ADU’s and Tiny Homes include affordability, less environmental impact, less maintenance, and mobility (for Tiny Homes on wheels).

3. Will my home be built on site or off site?

Depending on the size of the unit and the configuration of the lot, the unit can either be built in a warehouse or on site. In some cases a portion may be built off site and the remainder finished on site. The unit can be driven in or craned in depending on the lot.

4. Can you build a larger size ADU or Compact Home?

Yes, Executive Compact Homes can custom design to any size (bylaw compliant).

5. Are there any other costs or fees not included in the purchase price?
Executive Compact Homes can take care of everything for you from start to finish. Should you choose any additional upgrades to the unit or require services not associated with the completion of the unit, the contract will be amended and a new price agreed upon.

6. Is there an initial deposit to get started?
Yes, a $5000 deposit is necessary to begin the process which includes drawings, engineering, permits and administration. In the event a permit cannot be obtained by Executive Compact Homes we will provide a refund less an administration fee.

7. Is there HST on top of the purchase price?
Yes, HST is applicable. Executive Compact Homes recommends seeking the advice of a qualified accountant for more information regarding HST rebates.

8. What type of warranty is included?
Executive Compact Homes offers a 2 year warranty on all materials and labor, with the exception of negligence and wear and tear.

9. Can I put an ADU on my property?
Bylaw restriction will determine if an ADU is suitable for your property. Each city has different requirements. Allow us to investigate whether this might be an option for you.

10. Are there grants or funding available for accessory dwellings?
Yes, there are provincial and municipal grants available. These are based on location and will have specific criteria for who is eligible. More information is available upon request.